What we do at
Pillar Properties

  • Cater to those who have been or are on the ASSETONE Wealth System Limited.
  • Provide suggestions, 'Top Tips' and feedback to the landlords before or after the property is acquired.
  • Fill vacancies by first determining why the vacancies exist.
  • Manage and liaise with our clients property mentors and the power team members.
  • Letting and managing our clients property portfolio.
  • Provide information to our clients wealth mentors as and when requested.
  • Help release the 'FEAR' of our clients pain, frustration and/or anxiety in relationship to vacancies and void periods.
  • Monitor the entire process from start to finish.
  • Bespoke management.
  • Providing tips at all times for increasing rental value without spending much money.

Our 'Bespoke Management' style

  • Feedback to our clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Understanding what tenants want.
  • Why do tenants complain?
  • How we speak to the local residents who may be concerned.
  • Where do we capture the best market?
  • How we advertise and reference the tenants.

Process before and after the property is acquired

  • First to inspect the property with our clients' wealth mentor.
  • Provide full rental report along with a suggested layout where appropriate.
  • Liaising between all parties to agree final layout and design.
  • Assist in obtaining the HMO Licence and updating Article 4 Directives.
  • Inspecting the property before it is ready for viewings and letting.

Bespoke property management example:
HMO Application & Licence process

What is required?

  • Evidence a representative from the Environmental Health Department has visited during the build.
  • Copy of Drivers Licence and Passport.
  • Copy of recent bank or building society statement.
  • Recent Tax correspondence.
  • Recent utility bill.
  • Building Regulations Completion Certificate - if applicable.
  • Planning consents - if applicable.
  • Fire Alarms Test Certificate.
  • Service contract for alarm and fire systems.
  • Emergency Lighting Test Certificate - if applicable.
  • Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Periodic Test Certificate for the electrical installation (5 years).
  • Details of schedule for the testing of all electrical appliances over 12 months old.
  • Written terms of occupation for the house (e.g. Tenancy Agreement).
  • Complaints procedure - if applicable.
  • Subject to local authority changes.

Applying for your licence

  • Pillar Properties Ltd will liaise with your builders directly.
  • Legal documentation is requested from the builders.
  • HMO Application is completed using the Councils online facility.
  • Landlord/landlady will be the licence holder.
  • Pillar Properties Ltd will be the managing agent.
  • Landlord/landlady provides the required documentation.
  • HMO Application is given a first draft.
  • A fully measured floor plan is required.
  • FRA (Fire Risk Assessment) is required.
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is required.
  • Evidence of a 'Display Cabinat' (to display 'in-house' the mandatory items).
  • HMO Application is given a second draft.
  • HMO Application is then completed, reviewed and submitted online.
  • Subject to local authority changes.

Further information can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/house-in-multiple-occupation-licence

Pillar Properties Ltd takes huge pride in their service not just because it is Bespoke to you but because we believe tenants should live in a quiet, high specification no-nonsense environment.

To ensure this, Pillar Properties frequently visit your property to ensure it is being looked after in the way that we/you expect.

front door

"Pillar Properties support team members were great in terms of service from day 1 and in total offered a very satisfying service throughout."

These visits generally cover:

  • Collection and disposal of post. We bin the unnecessary 'junk' mail, put existing tenants mail under their door, return previous owners/tenants mail and send you your mail to your correspondence address.
  • Evidence of a 'Display Cabinet' (to display 'in-house' the mandatory items).
  • Checking the communal areas for unwanted personal items and that all equipment, such as TVs, are still working.
  • Checking all equipment in the communcal kitchen such as extractor hoods, cookers etc, are working as they should and are being kept clean.
  • Checking the front and back gardens (where applicable) to see if they need tending.
  • General upkeep of the property from both the tenants, between the fortnightly cleaning, and the fortnightly cleaners themselves. Are they having the same problems each time they are there? For example; no mop and bucket or working vacuum cleaner.
  • Checking the outside appearance is ok. For example: Do the windows need a routine clean?
  • Reporting back to you any issues we feel are outside our control or require your authorisation before Pillar Properties carries it out.

For more information please speak to a representative of Pillar Properties Ltd

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