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At Pillar Properties we aim to provide an environment where tenants feel comfortable and safe. We do this by completely redesigning our clients properties to suit the young professionals we are looking to attract. Fully furnished with a contemporary feel, Smart TVs for the latest viewing opportunities. Strong Wi-Fi to suit the working at home professional and superbly appointment communal areas for tenants to relax, enjoy and mingle with their fellow housemates. We respond within 15 minutes to any maintenance enquiry meaning problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. We have a strong power team of professionals to help with the more complicated issues.

Overall, Pillar Properties looks to maintain and promote it’s quality of accommodation so that no matter which property you live in the same standards apply.

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Asset One Wealth System

Pillar Properties and ASSETONE

Pillar Properties Limited works alongside its sister company, ASSETONE Wealth System Limited with 30+ years of experience is designed to help create, build and protect our clients' investment property portfolio using its own Stacking Properties Wealth Strategy and cash flow principles demanding a 11.11% yield or higher and achieving 20% cash-on-cash return on their property investments as to where, when, what and how to buy in order to grow their portfolio.

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